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Painting, Drawing and Photography Galleries:
I'm excited about being able to post paintings along side related drawings, photographic work and narratives. The process of documenting, archiving, digitizing and posting the work for this web site is laborious. It is slowly getting accomplished in-between current projects. Please come back from time to time to check for new postings. Thanks very much.

Painting and Drawing Galleries
• New York CityScapes - Gallery 1
• New York CityScapes - Upstate 171 Series
• New York CityScapes - Gallery 3
• New York CityScapes - Gallery 4
• New York CityScapes - Playboy Series

• New York State Landscapes - Gallery 1
• Landscapes - On the Road
• Montauk Landscapes

• Oil Refinery Series - Fortune Magazine

Photography Galleries -
• Assorted Images Gallery
• New York CityScapes
• Landscapes
• Landscapes in Flesh / Nudes
• Humanist Photography
• Portraits

• The American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. six murals for new Broadcast Operations complex in NYC, 1985-86
• Capital Cities/ABC, Inc. mural for new Corporate Headquarters in NYC, 1989
• Berger Residence, NYC private residence in NYC, 1989
Functional Art Galleries
• Room Screens

Illustration Galleries
• Gallery 1
• Gallery 2

(Please note that the images currently posted in these gallery pages were all sized to the same height for display purposes, and thus the relations you see are not indicative of the true scale of the works.)

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