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Client Stories

Fifty plus years of life experience, and thirty plus years of business experience shape and color our achievements and talents. Below are some anecdotes that demonstrate where we've been, what we've done, and what we're capable of.

Small Business Consulting

Representative work

• Designed and managed an information resource center for a fast-paced strategy consulting firm in Boston. In-depth business research supported immediate needs of consultants in the field. An internal company database was developed to track and re-access information on concurrent and recent projects.

Product commercialization study for biotech firm that "mistakenly" invented a new product. Practical aspects of testing, manufacturing and taking the product to market helped to advise investors for this important expansion activity.

• Hired by an out-of-town silent partner in a local internet service firm to provide an assessment of current operating culture and efficiencies. Reports were made weekly to the client and freedom was given to design more meaningful communication and operating methodologies.

• Mentored an established client in post-acquisition integration of previous competitors' organizations. Close work for the company President concentrated on smoothing and clarifying management processes after this three-way merger.

• For the US Army, an evaluation and design of reports and statistical summaries from an existing but under-utilized civilian employee database. Meetings and presentations helped to customize the layout and content of the reports and served to raise awareness of the existence of these new, current, actionable, data-driven safety summaries.

Technology assessment for a private K-12 school is now being used to guide organizational and investment actions. It included an audit and survey of current use as well as benchmarking at five other schools for best practices advice. Deliverable was a five-year technology plan created in collaboration with a cross section of users and decision makers. A presentation of the study findings included a first-time technology plan for the school.

• Research for a church community preparing to support volunteers in post-Chernobyl, Ukraine. This was a quick turnaround assessment of actual conditions and international, scientifically validated response as opposed to the narrower view of government and media reporting at the time.
Communication and Design Services

Representative work

E-Commerce: Worked closely with a client to create a fee-based electronics industry web portal, with international scope, where industry buyers, sellers, distributors, and OEMs could post and view excess inventories of other companies. Using a simple, intuitive web-interface, prospective buyers and sellers, who are members, can create RFQs, negotiate with other members, and finally create POs to solidify a deal. The owner could view, moderate and control all activities on the site as well as use compiled data for related marketing programs. We were responsible for the functional design, programming and database work.

E-Promotion: Simple, elegant web site for a renowned licensed psychologist who focuses on families, couples, parenting, aging well and stress management. Site keeps viewers up-to-date with TV, radio, keynote and lecture appearances, published books and other related information.

Corporate Image: Client was a designer and manufacturer of bottling equipment and production lines with customers around the globe. We created a new logo and overall corporate identity program that updated the design and effectiveness of the company's printed documentation procedures and marketing materials. We assisted in incorporating this new work, and bringing the company's US and European offices into the fully-functional, more efficient world of digital marketing.

Organizational Design: A follow-on contract with the same bottling equipment client involved providing short-term (18 months) site management and process redesign for their New Jersey terminal operations. Shipping management consulting services included procedure and scheduling for efficient internal readiness, as well as for dealing with outside contractors for services (containers, loading, inspections, paperwork and insurance for international trade).

Original Artworks: Commissioned to design original artwork for murals now installed at Fortune 100 media corporation NYC headquarters. Artistic lead and project management included bid preparation, design, process and quality control with client, architects, interior design, production and installation companies.

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