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The Limulus Group can help to strengthen the very foundation of your business. Our projects can be quite simple at the outset, and may, or may not, lead to more complex undertakings. Consider the following as thought-triggers for figuring out your own immediate needs.

• Custom business research and market snapshots
• Operations analysis and design
• Organizational design and evaluation
• New product viability studies
• Market studies and business plans
• Proposal development and project management
• Analytical writing and report design
• Visuals: charts, graphics, presentations
• Website development
• Logo/Corporate identity design
• Advertising and promotion design
• 4-color, b&w print posters, adv. campaigns, FSI coupons
• Packaging design
• Corporate annual reports
• 3-D POP displays
• Interior/exterior signage
• Direct mail catalogs, brochures, booklets

Some ideas ...
• We will deliver a useful set of recommendations for your administrative team as a result of our operations audit and evaluation, based on direct interaction with your employees and customers. After this careful, third-party look at the current situation for your company, we can assist in developing longer range operating plans and/or providing temporary creative, promotional or management services.

• Not only will we design a new corporate identity/image for your company, non-profit, association or group, but we will develop the necessary protocols and materials to integrate that image into print and digital media, ensuring that it is current and fresh for your market.

• Our web development services range from handling visual and functional design of the client and user side of a site through to managing a team of creative and programming experts. We have good contacts in the community of young, talented programmers and graphic designers, and we enjoy the unlimited potential of collaboration. With our more mature experience in client relations and project management, we can make sure that their work product stays on track and within specifications and budget.

• Perhaps you have good research and a draft, but can't seem to complete your business plan, marketing plan, competitive analysis. Or, maybe you have the research, and the report, but it's out-of-date and you'd like us to help bring it into the 21st century. Business planning activities such as these are crucial toward making decisions about product/service offerings, pricing, and general positioning and organization of your company in the desired marketplace.

• Our small business management and consulting experience is available to test or brainstorm your ideas for project, product or other needs. As part of a short-term business development effort, we can fill out your management team and provide operational support toward designing and implementing an action plan.

• We said that simple projects often lead to a continuing relationship. As an example, let us inventory your collection of existing data, research, photographs, historical materials or other valuables. We can build a database for valuation and insurance purposes with additional information on attributes, comparisons, competitive products and the like. An organizational effort such as this can become an important springboard for decision making and planning.

Basically we love to initiate, execute and complete projects with a flexible, personable, efficient and intelligent palette of services. We like to mix the colors of humor, hard work, patience, and invention. We like to work with interesting, smart and challenging people who need our services and who appreciate our unique blend of personality and talent.

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